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tv   ABC7 News at 12A on KOFY  KOFY  January 4, 2013 12:00am-12:30am PST

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>> this is highly unusual for melis after out of character. she has not called work. not called a friend. not called school. she has not called her father. her brother. her mother. >>reporter: there is growing concern tonight for 19-year-old petaluma woman last seen at tahoe casino resort new year's morning. good evening everyone. >> investigators from every level of government are now part of the search for this missing young woman. melissa has not been seen since new year's eve at music event in tahoe. they have been going door to door at the hotel where she was staying even. lillian
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is live at the family home in petaluma. parents and friends, none of this makes sense does it. >>reporter: it certainly doesn't, dan. but the family is keeping busy trying to bring as much attention to this case as they possibly can. friends meanwhile are doing what they can to help. there has been a steady stream of friends relatives neighbors stopping by the burn home in petaluma. the women live down the street an brought dinner. like everyone else they are worried about 19-year-old me lace last seen in south lake tahoe new year's difficult. >> i'm so afraid for her. look at the temperature it was 1 degree. it's a lot so praying for safe return. >>reporter: multiple agency working together to try and find the young woman who went to tahoe for the snow globe music festival staying at the horizon casino resort where investigators are searching every room tonight. also looking at the hotel survillains video and video
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from the other casino in the area. one thing they know for sure is that she took a shuttle back to her hotel after leaving the music concert at 11:30 p.m. new year's eve. >> we do have a credible eyewitness who talked to her in horizon hotel casino. >>reporter: what happened after that is anyone's guess. investigators now say a call or text was placed just after midnight from her phone. later than what they initially believed. investigators are also looking into her tweet posted hours before she disappeared. she wrote after tonight you will never be a part of my life and just lost all my trust in the person i trusted most. but close friends say the tweet are typical her. >> it could be related to fight she got in made her walk away from somebody. but i don't think that it was someone she was talking about who tried to harm her. i just those are just cooped of post she would post. >>reporter: as for her family, they are just trying to stay strong. no one has given up hope. >> i'm in it to win it. i
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can't think of any other comment right now. my kid east coming home. >>reporter: search for her around lick tahoe put on hold when the sun went did you know. it will resume morning. live in petaluma, abc 7 news. >> happening rate now police in please anton issued a silver alert for missing yain-year-old man. he was last seen around noon today in pleasanton. hescl weighing 105 pounds. he walk was cain and may need medical assist tachbilitys he was driving a 1998 ford contour with license plate no. 3 vzu 9 3 8. >> san francisco giants most popular players is poll jaysing tonight for incident in las vegas on new year's day. relief pitcher sergio romo had summons after removed from the las vegas international airport without proper i.d. at the checkpoint then argued with tsa
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agent and detained for short time. we first broke the story on line this afternoon and fit romo release add statement apologizing for the incident saying would i like to sincerely apologize about the recent event at the last vision airport that brought negative attention to the san francisco giants organization and the fans. i love and respect the giants my team mates and our fans and promise to conduct myself in the future in the san francisco giants way. >> new at 11 tonight. columbus park which in vallejo reopened several hours after some huge tree branches fell on to passing cars. happened at about 6:00 o'clock tonight when the branches estimated to weigh several tons broke off trees and fell into traffic. police say none of the drivers or passengers was injured which is really remarkable when you see the mess. one passing minivan crushed and 2 others were badly damaged. it took city work crew more than 2 hours to clear the roadway. >> also new. water mane break shut down 1 lane of dwight
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which in berkeley. they are work to go fix. there have been at legislature half dozen water main break in the east bay this week and they are being blamed on combination of cold weather and aging infrastructure. never a good combination and cold snap not over an ad to the rain that is coming. sandy is here with leif doppler 7 hd. >> yes and as we look at leif doppler 7 hd signs of change already. we are seeing a few clouds out there are next changes come in the form of temperatures so lack at the current readings you will notice we are in the mid upper 30's coldest inlistened valley compared to 24 hours ago. the temperatures in most areas are up. which is a good indication that yes it will be cold tomorrow morning in the valley but not as cold as this in the valleys. when the rain will fall and wet weather will affect the weekend plans.
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>> thanks. santa clara county district attorney charged maintenance worker late ka with the murder of suspected car thief. 26-year-old riccardo hernandez confronted christopher in underground garage on monday morning investigators believe it was an attempted vigilant justice. he followed his boss orders to detain the victim. attempted citizen arrest ended with deadly gunfire. hernandez is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. u.s. postal inspectors and alameda police look for mailbox stolen from the main post office and urging customers to follow-up on mail that they may have dropped off there big blue collection box was stolen from the post office at 2201 shoreline drive in alameda some time last weekend. box outside was next to parking lot. inspectors say people should check to see if mail they sent arrived and also look at credit card bank statements for anything that is unusual. >> bus ins san francisco are
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carrying messages of jihad but not what you mate think. campaign to educate residents about the real meaning of the word campaign that began in chicago and now reached the bay area. amma explains. >> what is yours is the statement on the side of the muni bus. part of educational campaign created by care the council on american islamic relation. group put 35 ads open buses rolling through the streets of san francisco. >> intention of the campaign is to educate fellow americans about what the word jihad mean means. >>reporter: she is the executive director of care bay area office. >> common misconception of the word is that it means armed struggle or holy war. and that is something that is perpetrated by many who have made careers out of pushing this anti-muslim sentiment. >>reporter: i asked if they gnaw the definite figures of jihad. >> holy war.
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>>reporter: miriam did he fains it as holy war and another definition. >> proper meaning as we describe it is to struggle. to me that is building relationships with the neighbors to make to work on time or better on the diet. >>reporter: meaning many may not know. >> i didn't know the definition either. interesting to be educated on it. >>reporter: muni rider thomas doesn't know how big an impact the ads will make. >> for so long it has been iningrained in people head it's such negative connotation that i think that sort of rooted in people and that for the idea to change it probably would take a little bit more than just people talking about it. >>reporter: the ads will remain on the bus through the third week of january and organization says they wouldn't mind expanding to other bay area transit agencies. this is 7 news. >> cal-trans closing off part of the manzanita park ride lot in mill valley during times of
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expected high tide next couple weeks. 101 and shoreline highway was a trouble spot during the recent storms. several cars suffered flood damage and complaining they were not warned this could happen. >> disoriented 83-year-old man narrowly escaped hit by commuter train in fremont. the car got stuck on the tracks yesterday morning. woman flashed her lights at the oncoming train alerting conductor who manageed to stop just in time. she had lost her way whale heading to doctor appointment. police want the department of motor vehicle to reevaluate her driving skill. >> more to get to tonight. coming up next freb of the forty-niner closes twitter account. death threat against him. what he told abc 7 about what happened on line. >> also lighting up the bridge. crew about to create the world largest light sculpture. >> bird. plane. whether in the world is this? unusual siting captured open
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>> man who admits 3 different smoke shop where he bought the stuff. as tim daly explains the man claims those stores should have warned him it was a bad idea. >>reporter: jason says it nearly killed him using nitrous oxide for fun back in 2009. >> they may legal. they may appear to just be some fun recreational thing to do but let me tell what you. these are death in a can. >>reporter: that was interview he gave to his attorney. in our interview he says his
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spinal cord injury as a result of inhaling too much make it too painful to even stand. >> pain spreads up throughout the back. makes the legs pretty weak and gives you just a lot of pain. i was up all last night in pain. >>reporter: laughing gas is used by dentist. the tiny canister are used to help turn cream into whipped cream. but common sold in smoke shops and jason is now suing 3 of them saying he should have been told by those shops he was buying something dangerous. you did this willingly and now suing them because of it. >> yes had i known the side effects that would have come from it, i wouldn't have been using them no. >>reporter: one of the businesses being sued this smoke shop in modest the called no limit the owner says his attorney has told him no interviews. off camera he says it's pretty clear those materials are supposed to be
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used for making whip cream. no comment as well on the lawsuit from the staff that still smoking in sacramento county and smoke island in folsom. so the final comment kilometers from gist on. who says his will you suit is meant as message for others. >> don't injury yourself the way i have because you never get back to the way were you. e-tim daly for abc 7 news gentleman we are glad to tell new the last few minutes the police in pleasanton found 89-year-old man would was missing as we all righted silver alert issue for lawrence bolder last seen in the pleasanton area. just found out he has been found. don't know more about the circumstances of his disappearance but he's okay and has been found. >> newly elected bay area lawmaker now in medical coma after he was hospitalized for severe bacterial sinus infection. gary bell on richmond city council on november sex but the 54-year-old got sick and has now undergone 2 neurosurgery.
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tonight family released a statement saying bell will not be able to attend the swearing the ceremony on tuesday and say his prognosis is good. >> tough season for forty-niner place kicker acres has taken a more serious turn. he's been targeted with death threats through twitter. he heard plenty of boo from fans after missing 13 field goal attempt this season. now he's heard enough on social media. he shut down twitter account and notified nfl security after receiving the death threat lit december. he said nobody more disappoint entered his season than he is. >> disappointing. i am disappoint entered myself nothing i condition do about it right now and can't go back in the past and try today to get better figure out why they are not going between the poles. find an antsy would have fixed it listening time ago. >>reporter: come up later in sports. larry his more on david acres struggle to keep his job for the play offs. >> crews installing light
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sculpture on the bay bridge overnight part of the bay lights project working until 5:00 a.m. to install the first of 25,000 led lights open the vertical cable on the western span. the web site says this is the world largely east light sculpture measuring 2 miles wide and 500 feet high i hope expired by the bridge 75th anniversary. project is finish the lights blaze in ever-changing patterns for 2 years. expected to be completed by march fifth. crew invited us for close up look at the project and we'll be throughout overnight. we have that story for you on 7 morning news starting at 4:30 am. pretty cool. >> cool looking and cool out there better be bundled up tonight. temperature is dropping. sany is here with the accu-weather forecast. >> we haven't gotten rid of the chill just yet. let's check out life live doppler 7hd not as cold as it was this morning
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but we are seeing changes and as a result temperatures held up a couple of degrees. i show you there are clouds off the coast lined coming in for the morning hours. our radar on mt. st. helens that tracking rain as early as this weekend so if you have plans this weekend you will want to hear the timing of the system. rate now i want to show you the visibility. fog here and down 4 to 5 males so early morning plans keep tonight mind. highlights chilly morning patchy frost. mostly sunny tomorrow afternoon and rain coming in for both saturday and sunday so things really start to go change. tomorrow morning 29 degrees in fairfield. freezing cold in livermore. 30 there. 31 in concord. 33 vallejo. napa 30 degrees. 29 in santa rosa. temperatures around the south bay mid 30's san jose. pal palt peninsula. 36 oakland 38 and 42 degrees in san francisco. but far cry from the 26 degree readings
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whether he this morning so here's a lack at the cold front that has pretty much fizzled and we got few high cloud out of it earlier today that filtered the sun. next system not expected to fizzle so rain lakely this weekend as early as saturday afternoon. morning plans are fine. you see the timing of it all. 11:00 a.m. clouds. 1:00 o'clock the rain line begins to coast moves into the north bay and then wide spread late rainfall possibly moderate 6:00 p.m. saturday evening. showers will follow and as we head into sunday another we have of moisture comes in. starting at 10:00 a.m. it's approaching that the north bay and then starts to spread 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon. if he saiding on the plans take place could be on the wet side. one last push of enjoying the snow before heading back to work or going back to school lick tahoe freezing fog in the morning, cold here 1 degree tomorrow morning. 44 tomorrow afternoo
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afternoon. windy partly cloudy gusty winds 3 degrees then turning to 44 on saturday then chance of snow coming in on sunday so that's going to be the day where you may see some powder up there. doesn't look lake big snow event. hay for friday south bay 58. peninsula nasty day 57 degrees redwood city fay same thing for half moon bay. hay thin clouds tomorrow but nasty looking day with blue sky downtown san francisco 55 degrees gittens up that the north bay all in the mid upper 50's, 58 santa rosa. oakland east bay 56 castro valley head inland. temperatures coolest here. lower sun angle in the winter. 52 brentwood 56 dublin monterey bay 60 degree ins monterey. accu-weather 7 day fork rain arriving on saturday. more rain on sunday. dryer forecast next week. temperatures in the 50's few extra clouds as you look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast.
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you will need the rain gear this weekend. >> larry is here. >> 49ers big stuff. >> yes they are in preparation mode beginning the play off kicking competition as a matter of fact. i bet you have never seen a 1 point safety in seen a 1 point safety in football. you
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>> good evening. frirns kicker ache hers double hernia surgery back in february. whether that's the cuss of the missed field goal who knows. but he feet to keep his job. there is a kick off to see who will kick in the play offs. he's far from automatic missed a game winner last year cut by the redskins this season so he kno knows the drill. >> laid out very clearly. go out and practice well. don't worry about anything else. just give us your best and head coach decision and management decision on who is going to kick. i'm not going to worry about anything else. just go and practice the best i can. >>reporter: man known as cowboy back at practice today smith wearing big brace on his injured tri-accept. smith will need surgery in the off season. niners december presidentially need it on the field in the play offs. oregon and kansas state.
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>> the game featured the rare 1 point safety. will this be chip kelly last game in oregon. he could be nfl bound and soo soon. opening kick off. to thomas. he's a blur. 94 yard yards. aloha. >> rae treat in the end zone and then down and that is the unusual 1 point safety. probably never see it ever happen in your life time. duck roll 35-17 only lost this year came against stanford. tipping off the hoop schedule tonight. both teams in l.a. and both with losses. cardinal facing usc. second half. bright.
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show and go hear. he had 14 and stanford up at 8. that was a lead they would not hold. 2 of the 13. puts them up. 26 seconds left. brown inside for the tie at 69. with 15 but miss the extra point for the lead. stanford down 2. randall. oh. and time runs out. holds on 71-69. take the 10 freeway for the other match up. cal at ucla. no. freeway wide open for powell. old to get the joke. poor shooting by both teams but ucla slightly better. they win the snicket a row 79-65. ancient humor here. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> thanks larry very much. >> up next a super man sighting on the california coast no.
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ordinary man. >> no wild stuff. programming note. starting january 8 kimmel live moves to 11:35 right after us "nightline"follows at 12:35 all starts next
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